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Lemnos Island – secluded beaches, whitewashed chapels, fried octopus

17 Aug
Lemnos Island: Gomati bay

After I returned from Thassos Island, I rested in Batix Multiplex Camping in Kavala for one day. For dinner, I had delicious mussels saganaki with tomato sauce and feta cheese. Besides, I had my own pitch surrounded by a green fence, sun beds, clear and warm water, and my choice of straw umbrellas. I felt […]

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Thassos Island – pristine waters, marble beaches, authentic villages

03 Aug
Thassos Town

Thassos Island. At the beginning of July, I decided to go to some Greek Islands from the northern Aegean Sea for three weeks. At the end of the first day, I stopped overnight at Calafat (at the border between Romania and Bulgaria). The following day, I crossed Bulgaria (passing Sofia) and entered Greece in Kulata. […]

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Greek Islands Travel Planning – Thassos, Lemnos, and Samothraki

16 Jun
Greek Islands Travel Planning - Thassos, Lemnos, Samothraki

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Greek Islands Travel Planning is the summary of my three-week road trip to three Greek islands, during the summer of 2016 (July). The pace of traveling was slow, in accordance with the flexibility I had to go and stay wherever I wanted with my car. Greek Islands Travel Planning – General Planning: Travel Planning for the Greek […]

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Dar Kamal Chaoui – Bhalil Village, Morocco

11 Mar
Dar Kamal Chaoui – with Kamal Chaoui on the rooftop terrace of the house

Dar Kamal Chaoui – Bhalil Village Dar Kamal Chaoui. Bhalil is apparently a simple Moroccan village, located on the sunny slopes of hills full of olive orchards and ancient caverns. Even though it is overshadowed by Fes’s attraction (one of the most important tourist, cultural, and spiritual centers of Morocco), Bhalil is amazing both by […]

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Casa Aya Medina – Fes, Morocco

20 Jan
Casa Aya Medina - with Milouda, Mohammed, and other family members

Casa Aya Medina – Fes Medina Fes is Morocco’s cultural and spiritual center and it’s an outstanding example of a medieval town created during the first centuries of the Islamisation in the country – which is why it is part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. The narrow lanes meander chaotically throughout the medina (the […]

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