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Exploring Kathmandu in one week (I): sites, villages, and local people – Nepal

17 Dec
Kathmandu - Kathesimbhu Stupa near Thahiti Tole

Kathmandu is a chaotic town but it has some of the most famous heritage sites of Nepal. Hindu temples and Buddhist stupas are among the most interesting ones.  Share on Tumblr

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Nepal Travel Planning

17 Sep
Nepal Travel Planning 2016

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Nepal Travel Planning is the summary of my two months trip to Nepal during the autumn of 2016 (October and November). The pace of traveling was really slow, in accordance with the buses’ speed from Nepal. Nepal Travel Planning – General Planning: My travel planning for Nepal started somewhere around six months before the trip. I used only the […]

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Greek Islands Travel Photos

17 Sep
Thassos Island - Marble Beach: Saliria

This gallery contains 18 photos.

The photos in the Greek Islands Gallery were taken during a three-week road trip to the islands of the Northern Aegean Sea, in the summer of 2016. Here, you will find photos from the Thassos Island, Lemnos Island, and Samothraki Island (2016). In the future, I am planning to explore more of this region, though. A general […]

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Samothraki Island – pebbled beaches, goat dishes, bouzouki music

03 Sep
Hora - the capital of Samothraki Island: typical houses

When I returned from Lemnos Island, I reached the port of Kavala late at night. As I wanted to take the morning ferry to Samothraki Island, I decided to drive 120 kilometers on the highway to reach my intermediary destination, the town of Alexandroupolis. I went to the municipal campground in Alexandroupolis where I was […]

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Lemnos Island – secluded beaches, whitewashed chapels, fried octopus

17 Aug
Lemnos Island: Gomati bay

After I returned from Thassos Island, I rested in Batix Multiplex Camping in Kavala for one day. For dinner, I had delicious mussels saganaki with tomato sauce and feta cheese. Besides, I had my own pitch surrounded by a green fence, sun beds, clear and warm water, and my choice of straw umbrellas. I felt […]

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