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Kopan Monastery: an authentic insight – Nepal 2016

14 Oct

During the discussion group within the Introductory Buddhism Course from Kopan Monastery, I concluded some interesting ideas that I hadn’t thought so deeply before. The discussion group was one of the best parts of my stay at Kopan Monastery as we were totally strangers when we had come here, but some of us left as […]

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When I have no plans on an island – Lemnos 2016

29 Jul

I was astonished to see beaches with fine sand and pristine water in Thassos, but sooner or later I had to face the truth of mass tourism present on the island. I had the feeling that I had to follow the crowds no matter where I wanted to go. Many times I had the feeling […]

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Returning to Morocco

08 Apr

When I left Morocco in autumn, I thought I’ll never go back again. At least, I didn’t intend that. I had no reason to do it. I had explored the most authentic and interesting parts of it for over six weeks. I made friends, I met locals, I understood their culture. I was satisfied. I […]

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What traveling means for me now

28 Jan

Yesterday I was sitting in a teahouse in Brasov and I was waiting for a photo event about Nepal to happen. Because I was going to meet also Sega, the famous writer of the two books Namaste, I thought about my writing and I started to write a few random words about traveling. Traveling is […]

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Not traveling hurts

11 Dec

Not traveling hurts. It hurts a lot. It passed only one month since I returned from Morocco, 2 weeks since I’m back at home in Sibiu, and all I can think about is my next travel. No, it’s not only a passion, it’s more than that. It’s a healthy disease. There’s only one medicine for […]

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