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Etno House Shancheva – Kratovo

04 Aug
Etno House Shancheva - with Stevce Donevski in front of his guesthouse from Kratovo

Etno House Shancheva – Kratovo town Etno House Shancheva. Kratovo was a major mining center in the Macedonian part of the Ottoman Empire. For this reason, Saxon settlers came here during the Middle Ages. Moreover, Kratovo is also known as the town of towers and bridges. The town developed in the crater of a former extinct […]

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Samothraki Island – pebbled beaches, goat dishes, and bouzouki music

07 Jun
Hora - the capital of Samothraki Island: typical houses

When I turned back from Lemnos Island, I reached the port of Kavala late at night. As I wanted to take the morning ferry to Samothraki Island, I decided to drive 120 kilometers on the highway to reach my intermediary destination, the town of Alexandroupolis. I went to the municipal campground of Alexandroupolis where I […]

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Lemnos Island – secluded beaches, whitewashed chapels, and fried octopus

22 May
Gomati bay

After I turned back from Thassos Island, I rested in Batix Multiplex Camping site from Kavala for one day. I ate mussels saganaki with tomato sauce and feta cheese. Besides, I had my own pitch surrounded by a green fence, sun beds, clear and warm water, and straw umbrellas at choice. I felt good in […]

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Thassos Island – pristine waters, marble beaches, and authentic villages

11 May
Thassos Town

Greek Islands – Thassos Island At the beginning of July, I went to some Greek Islands from the northern Aegean Sea for three weeks. For the first day, I stopped overnight at Calafat (at the border between Romania and Bulgaria). The following day, I crossed Bulgaria (passing by Sofia) and entered Greece in Kulata. I went directly to […]

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From Pokhara to Kathmandu

27 Apr
Pokhara to Kathmandu - Gorkha: Mahadev Temple

From Pokhara to Kathmandu After five trekking days in the Annapurna Area, I had to relax and recover in Pokhara for one day. I had no idea where I was going to stay until my departure from Nepal. In this case, I took advantage of the luxury from Pokhara’s Lakeside for the rest of the […]

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