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From Lumbini to Pokhara passing through Tansen – Nepal

17 Apr
Pokhara - Going up to Sarangkot: the view of the Annapurna Range

From Lumbini to Pokhara The road to Lumbini Before reaching Pokhara. Typical for Nepal, the road from Sauraha to Lumbini took me almost one day. Nevertheless, there were less than 200 kilometers between the two locations. In the morning, the Nepali man from the travel company gave me a ride to the bus stand, located […]

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Kathmandu Valley (II) – exploring towns, villages, and local families – Nepal

17 Mar
Kathmandu Valley - Bhaktapur - Taumadhi Tole - Nyatapola Temple

Continuing around Kathmandu Valley. Kathmandu Valley – exploring towns, villages, and local families (part II) is the continuation of my diary about the Kathmandu Valley. My first post can be found at the following link Kathmandu Valley – towns, villages, and local families (part I). The medieval town of Bhaktapur, Kathmandu Valley I left a part of my luggage […]

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Kathmandu Valley (I) – exploring towns, villages, and local families – Nepal

03 Mar
Patan - Durbar Square

Kathmandu Valley nearby, Patan (Lalitpur) Around Kathmandu Valley. In the morning, I admired a cortege of women who walked in a line along the main street of Patan. They wore red dresses and carried small baskets with offerings. A Nepali attending the procession, Basaldun, saw me when I took photos of the women and insisted on […]

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Kopan Monastery: Introductory Buddhism Course – Nepal

17 Jan
Kopan Monastery: puja ceremony

Kopan Monastery – Introductory Buddhism Course Some time ago, I read an article on the Internet about the Introductory Buddhism Course from the Kopan Monastery. I immediately searched for details about the course on their website, filled out the application form, and reserved a spot for myself. I was eager to learn about Buddhism within an authentic […]

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Exploring Kathmandu in one week (II): sites, villages, and local people – Nepal

03 Jan
Gokarna Mahadev Temple (around Kathmandu)

Kathmandu is a chaotic town but it has some of the most famous heritage sites of Nepal. Hindu temples and Buddhist stupas are a must see for visitors.  Share on Tumblr

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