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How travel taught me how lucky I am

Dubai MallDubai: last minute plans Last winter, I wanted a warm new destination to explore. I chose Dubai, but I had a low budget for this destination. I was terrified where I was going to find some reasonable accommodations. I was searching and researching possibilities to fit my limited budget. In the end, I decided to enrich my couchsurfing experience as a guest. I was happy to see great profiles of people living in the Emirates, most of them expats, but not less interesting to meet. In Dubai, Read More...

How do you connect with a place?

Bușteni - Bucegi MountainsBuşteni town: a figuratively and a real home Buşteni is situated in Prahova Valley in Romania and it’s the most accessible departure point for trails in Bucegi Mountains. Since I’ve started hiking, I’ve come to Buşteni at least once a month in the past fifteen years. When I moved to Sibiu five years ago, I started coming less frequently. I missed coming to Buşteni. Every time I was here, I felt suddenly relaxed. I was even telling my friends I felt like home. Buşteni was once a small Read More...

How travel restored my faith in humanity

Al Ain Camel SouqI was in Al Ain, a historic town in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. I had read on my guide book that there was a camel souk near the city, one of the oldest and largest camel markets still existent in the world, and I wanted to visit it. But I had run out of money for a taxi and I was slightly afraid of going there by myself. Full of fears and doubt, I started asking questions at the local Al Jahili Museum. The staff Read More...

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