Travel Style Interviews – Guest Post Guidelines

27 Dec

Travel Style Interviews 

About Travel Style Interviews. Travelling long term has shown me how different people are in their way of traveling. Each of us has a different style of traveling for certain reasons. At the beginning, I didn’t know how I wanted to travel; for a long time, I hosted people on CouchSurfing (and I still do it from time to time), because I thought that I’d learn from them how to travel. When they told me how they travel, I felt disappointed, though. Some of them went just one week to explore a country, some went to only a few places in a country (usually the most touristic ones), some did only volunteering, some went only where they found a free place to stay.

Eventually, I felt that I’d be frustrated if I traveled the way they did. Not because they were wrong. Because it was not what I wanted for myself. I wanted something that I’d feel true and authentic. So I started to travel my own way: slowly, searching for unknown places, staying with locals because I want to meet them (not because it’s free), renting a car/going with my car when possible. This way I feel authentic because I’m flexible to stop wherever I want, I give myself time to meet and stay with locals, I can slow down and travel at my own pace. Being honest about my travel style inspires others to share or follow their dreams, travel the way they feel authentic and not the way that others tell them how to travel. In this interview series, I want to highlight how others travel, if they travel in they authentic way or not. I am not publishing these interviews to judge someone’s traveling style, but just to show how different we all are.

Travel Style Interviews – Content that fits with the Interviews from Authentic Travels

Here are some ideas for interviews that will fit well with this site. I am also open to related ideas, so don’t hesitate to send me a pitch.

– you have undergone a transformation process – you changed something in your traveling style: you travel differently now than how you traveled in the past.

– transformative travel experiences or stories about how travel has helped change you or your travel style (e.g. you realised you haven’t gotten enough time to explore a place and you decided not to run anymore; you have met special people/locals that have shown you/invited you/ offered you unique experiences during your travels).

– overcoming any type of challenges to pursue your travel style (this doesn’t mean you have to travel solo, you can have a travel style as a couple – I am also interested how you adapted your individual travel styles to a new travel style as a couple)

– this interview is not for you if your travel style is only going with travel agency trips (paying or in exchange for sponsored blog posts). If you go with travel agencies only from time to time (when it’s too dangerous or when otherwise you cannot achieve that experience e.g. a trek, a cooking class, a visit to a certain tribe, etc), then this can lead to a certain type of travel style that I am interested to publish it.

Examples of Travel Style Interviews

Here are some examples of my favorite travel style interviews. However, feel free to be yourself if I interview you and be confident. You’re traveling just fine. You don’t have to impress anybody. You’re not wrong as you are. Just be yourself !

Interview with Lena from the Social Media Experiment


Interview with Matilde from France

Travel Style Interviews – Guest post requirements

– we will agree to have a skype call and you will answer my questions (nothing difficult to scary about; you just need to be honest and, of course, authentic); this way, we get to know each other a bit and it will be easier for me to write the introductory paragraph about you.


– you can fill out the following form and hit submit. If I consider that I have enough information to publish an interview, I will contact you and maybe ask you some more questions. I prefer the skype call, though (even if I put in more time in this, it’s more authentic from my point of view).

– I don’t have a fixed length for the interview. During the interview, if I feel that there’s potential to dig deeper with unusual/different questions and personalize the interview with you, I will ask/publish more questions (with your permission, of course; you don’t have to answer me something you feel uncomfortable). Eventually, I will select the most relevant questions from the interview – no more than 15, though.

– include one applicable photo with yourself – the photo will be included in the introductory paragraph about yourself and as a featured image of the post. I would appreciate images in the 100kb-150kb range, with 800px width if horizontal and 600px width if vertical; otherwise, I will have to resize them. In addition, please add your watermark if one; otherwise, I will add my own watermark.

– links to your blog, a blog post that is relevant to the interview, and/or social media.

Travel Style Interviews – Promotion of your guest post

– interviews will be published once a month.

– I will promote the interview on my social networks, and tag you where appropriate. My audience on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is growing quickly and they are highly engaged.

– I’ll inform you of when your post is live so you can promote it on your social media channels, too (please do so, that’s what a collaboration is after all).

– I highly encourage guest writers/ travelers who have their own blog to link to their interview on their “press” page. If you do not have one, please add a link to the interview on the “About” page (e.g. “What others say about us” – it’s an interview ABOUT you after all) – this way it’s a win-win collaboration. Thank you.

Travel Style Interviews – Send me your ideas

Email me at iuliana1412(@) with your intention of participating in an interview.

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  1. arabiannightsafari February 14, 2018 at 3:23 pm #

    I like reading your travel blog. Regards 🙂

  2. Nessa Sally March 6, 2018 at 1:27 pm #

    I really very like to read it and will try to share this informative information with others.

    • Iuliana March 6, 2018 at 3:21 pm #

      I am happy to hear that Sally. I am looking forward to interviewing other travelers, too.

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