Travel Style Interviews

Travel Style Interviews 

About Travel Style Interviews. Travelling long term has shown me how different people are in their way of traveling. Each of us has a different style of traveling for certain reasons. At the beginning, I didn’t know how I wanted to travel; for a long time, I hosted people on CouchSurfing (and I still do it from time to time), because I thought that I’d learn from them how to travel. When they told me how they travel, I felt disappointed, though. Some of them went just for one week to explore a country, some went to only a few places in a country (usually the most touristic ones), some did only volunteering, some went only where they found a free place to stay.

Eventually, I felt that I’d be frustrated if I traveled the way they did. Not because they were wrong. Because it was not what I wanted for myself. I wanted something that I feel true and authentic. So I started to travel my own way: slowly, searching for unknown places, staying with locals because I want to meet them (not because it’s free), renting a car/going with my car when possible. This way I feel authentic because I’m flexible to stop wherever I want, I give myself time to meet and stay with locals, I can slow down and travel at my own pace. Being honest about my travel style inspires others to share or follow their dreams, travel the way they feel authentic and not the way that others tell them how to travel. In this interview series, I want to highlight how others travel, if they travel in their authentic way or not. I am not publishing these interviews to judge someone’s traveling style, but just to show how different we all are.

Here you can find the Travel Style Interview Series that I am hosting on my travel blog. Enjoy reading them and feel inspired to be authentic. Being Authentic means Power ! Living in Truth with yourself means Love!

Travel Style Interviews

Interview with Mathilde from France

Gusterita-Sibiu, Romania - Iuliana (me) with Mathilde & Benoit from FranceOMathilde lives in St. Etienne (center-south-east of France), known to be one of the ugliest cities in the country because it is an old industrial town (but nice to live in). Mathilde has never been able to have a stable job. She was officially a certified teacher of French as a foreign language. Lately, she wants to switch to agriculture. She is passionate about learning new languages, drawing, writing, reading, and anything connected to nature. Mathilde speaks French (obviously), English, Read More...

Interview with Rocio from This is Rocio

Rocio from This isi Rocio. Rice paddies of Longsheng, ChinaRocio is a Mexican-American freelance editor (The Daegu Compass) and writer (Sounds&Colours, Groove Magazine, and [b]racket magazine), currently living in South Korea by way of Chicago. She was raised in Mexico and moved to the US at age 11. Growing up in Mexico she always dreamed of traveling and living a full life. She’s a driven, ambitious, goal-oriented, curious and free-spirited person. She has realized that a rich existence entails exposing herself to different countries, cultures, and people from diverse Read More...

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