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As an passionate explorer, I always plan in advance the countries I want to travel to for the next year. I always explore countries as a whole, I rarely explore just a city or a region of a country. I focus on exploring places from an authentic point of view, related to:

  • tourism
  • culture
  • architecture
  • heritage
  • lifestyle
  • traditions

Check my wish list to see if I am coming soon into your country. I would love to work with you as a travel writer.


Check the places where I traveled before. I can share with you my experience as a travel advisor and plan a personalized trip for you.

As a Travel Writer, I focus on sharing my experiences about:

  • trip reviews to authentic places, that means first of all “off the beaten track,” with unspoiled heritage, architecture, culture, lifestyle, and/or traditions;
  • tourism infrastructure reviews (e.g. accommodations – hotel, guesthouse & catering units – restaurants, coffee/tea houses, pubs, and bars, etc) located in old restored buildings, possibly designated as historic monuments or within a historical protected area/buffer zone;
  • local people with personal stories (e.g. peddlers, camel keeper, merchants, fishermen, sailors, nomads, etc);

*If you know interesting people that I might be interested to meet, if you own a historic building/house, or if you have a special authentic and cultural tour to promote, let me know. I can write thematic articles that match my expertise field or a personal story about you, your tour, your property, or your acquaintance/friend. At this moment, these articles are possible through an exchange basis (e.g. barton system).

*My personal reviews and articles are published on this website and possibly recycled in other publications.

* I share my experiences through my social media feeds, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.

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